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Ushna Shah asks fans to donate for relief work in Australia

Pakistani actress Ushna Shah voiced her support for the sufferers of the tragedy that has recently hit Australia in the form of bushfires on Tuesday.

The Pakistani actor on her Instagram, asked her fans to donate money for the safety and relief efforts being carried out in Australia after the devastating bushfires engulfed large swathes of the country.

The actress on her Instagram wrote a post to highlight the scale of tragedy and to contribute to the cause.

“This is our planet, it is on fire and it is our collective responsibility to contribute. Men and women are risking their lives to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife, PLEASE help them”.


While the actress was relieved to see reports about the affected areas receiving rains, she said relief funds will still be needed for rescue work.

“Prayers are being answered and it is currently raining in parts of Austrailia/ however funds are required and will be required for rescue ad well as much painful rehabilitation of animals. Please continue helping: donating/praying. *In the Australian bushfires, Over half a billion animals have lost their lives to the most painful death: Being burnt alive,” Shah posted on Instagram.

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