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Ushna Shah deactivates her instagram account

Ushna Shah took to her Instagram and shared detailed notes on stories to elaborate on her take regarding the entire trolling episode.

Ushna Shah deactivated her Instagram account on Wednesday.

Prior to deactivation, Ushna Shah announced that she will be taking a break from social media for a few days following the negative comments and trolls on her wedding posts have affected her mental health deeply and made her question her profession.

She plans to spend her time with her husband, Hamza Amin — who is a golfer.

The development comes as the Habs star found herself embroiled in an Instagram war last weekend after she “allegedly bullied a blogger” who brought a photographer and a drone camera operator to her wedding though she had invited only the former.

In an Insta Story, Ushna Shah confronted a photographer who released “unflattering” photos of her from her wedding and multiple portals picked it.

On Wednesday, she posted a conversation with the photographer in question, Saad Ansari Photography, in which he apologised and offered to delete the photos.

However, hours after the confrontation, the actress issued a public apology as she wanted to “move on” and enjoy her big day.

“I apologised to AB [Lakhani] only to save him from trolling and I am getting mercilessly bullied,” she said, referring to an apology she posted and later deleted to a blogger whom she slammed on social media for bringing a photographer and drone to her wedding.

“[I am getting bullied] for getting married my way. For desperately trying to keep my shaadi my own. For being upset that my nikkah got interrupted by a drone and for feeling violated. Hundreds of thousands of messages. This is beyond cruel,” she wrote.

“Please forgive me for wearing what I wore and for trying to protect what was meant to be only mine. I did not sign up for any of this. I’m bowing out of this narrative,” Ushna wrote.


Later in the day, another detailed note was posted in the Insta story, following which Ushna Shah deactivated her Instagram handle.

Ushna wrote she hasn’t reacted to online trolling for years but she is a “human being at a very vulnerable time of my life. A new bride in a new home.”

“From hiring photography teams who signed NDAs to hiring security and strict guest lists at the door, I wanted to protect our union and only share what I was comfortable with, I worked very hard to make this time private,” she wrote.

“Several people invaded that privacy to exploit our happy occasion, including disrupting our nikkah. Like any bride would be, I was mortified, only time a million. I had a human moment and I reacted, I exposed the first person I learnt invaded my privacy, I defended myself, I even retracted because they apologised and I learnt others were also involved, in worse ways, and because the damage done to me couldn’t be undone either way.”

Shah said she has read many of the comments on social media that don’t seem to stop. “Please believe that I did not get married to offend our culture, that was not the intention, and if that is what people feel I have done then I apologise for letting anyone down,” she said.

“I am going to sign off from this platform for a few days, for the sake of my mental health and to spend this precious time and energy on my wonderful husband and my new family, who are a blessing. I am also questioning if I am cut out for this job. Thank you for the love and prayers,” the Habs actor said.

Ushna Shahs note on her Instagram story has now expired.
Ushna Shah’s note on her Instagram story has now expired.


“I am disgusted and feel violated. AB Lakhany, of Moovyshoovy was invited out of obligation as I have known him for years and he happened to be at the office where we were designing invitations. His invite said strictly no plus one,” she posted earlier.

“He was then sent a memo along with other guests to not record personal moments, especially the nikah. Not only did he bring a plus one, but he also brought a photographer without permission [and] lied to my family that I had allowed this. That photographer then sent exclusive unapproved photos to various [media] portals,” she wrote in an Instagram story that has expired.

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