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Ushna Shah has lost her cool, lashes out at critics

Ushna Shah has lost her cool, as she lashes out at critics!

A visibly angry Ushna Shah, who has over 89,000 followers on her official Twitter handle shared some remarks leaving fans wondering what she has reacted to.

“Every Pakistani with morals and ethics who finds acting & actors inferior, who thinks we spread “Fahashi” should promptly get rid of their TV (or any channel that shows content that isn’t preaching Islam) and get off social media immediately! Show your gherat, please,” the Balaa star tweeted.

TV actress Ushna Shah has become one of the few Pakistani celebrities to hit two million followers on Instagram recently.

The actress features in the ongoing hit serial Parizaad often stays on trolls’ radar for sharing bold images of her and for her comments as well.

Following her recent tweet,  some backed Ushna on her stance. While some of the followers took a jibe at the actress.





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