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‘Singing the anthem is a bit difficult’, Ushna Shah’s tweet became a topic of discussion

Ushna Shah seems to be worried as she can't make coffee!

Ushna Shah’s latest tweet has become a new topic of discussion on social media.

Ushana Shah is a Canadian-Pakistani actor, hailing from a family of artists who has been involved in the industry in Pakistan from theatre to film.

However, in her recent tweet, she indirectly questioned patriotism while complaining about the electricity and gas shortages in the country.

“I love my country, I love my identity, I love my fellow Pakistanis. But when there is no electricity and gas at the same time, shortage on petrol and UPS crashing due to overuse: literally no way to power the house when I need coffee.. well.. tarana gana thora mushkil hei,” Ushna Shah tweeted.



Due to the non-supply of gas and electricity, where most of the population of the country is affected, Ushna Shah seems to be worried as she can’t make coffee.

And Ushna Shah’s tweet has drawn mixed reactions.

A user wrote: “There has been a reduction in electricity load shedding, and yes, I wanted to tell you one thing, you don’t have this problem, people like us know that gas is available only when electricity is cut off, otherwise people draw gas by installing a compressor! Thanks for turning off the power!”


A user wrote:  “You need coffee, people don’t have money to buy flour.”


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