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Uzma Khan Can Be Sympathized With But Not Supported

In the latest offering of Pakistani social media, Uzma Khan vs Amna Usman is the hot-selling cake. Some have sided with Uzma Khan as she came forward as a victim of vandalism and assault, while others questioned why Usman Malik (the bone of contention) has not been publicly humiliated by his wife. Some went as far as to call Amna’s action purely driven by patriarchy where the man gets a clean chit.

All in all, women and (men too) have come out to support Uzma Khan as she faced the wrath of a wife of a cheating husband, who presumably was nowhere to be found.

But once one cools down and takes a break from the social media feed, it dawns upon you (including yours truly) that whether or not Usman Malik has faced the consequences of his actions (hoping that he does have), the question remains as to did Uzma Khan somewhat not deserved what happened with her? Or if it was truly a Riyasat e Madina, as dear PM claims, wouldn’t she and Usman Malik be stoned to death for what they have been caught in?

Now you see the problem is that we are all too quick to conclude that Uzma Khan was not liable to Amna and it was only Usman who deserved his wife’s fury. Probably yes. But talking without relativism isn’t Uzma accountable for her own actions and Usman for his. Not at all trying to find a clean slate for Mr. Usman who refused to respect his wedding vows and presumably should have been dealt with a worse way than how his wife treated Uzma. But does that mean Uzma should have gotten to walk away free? I don’t think so.

If one looks at it as a personal matter, one should and would call out Mrs. Amna Usman for barging in a property (whomsoever it belonged to) and assaulting two women with her guards. It may also be a reason to support Uzma if she chooses to pursue a legal battle. On a personal level, it can also be expected that the parties should have dealt with the matter in a civilized way and maybe the couple should have been the only two people to have a spat over it.

But .. and that’s a big but we have here.

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Looking at it from a social standpoint, could we all be so naive that we would only support Uzma for what happened with her but not take into account what she did. She had an affair with a married man, a consensual relationship with the potential to break a home and an action that is questionable by both social and religious values. Should we be blindly supporting her then too? Should we be normalizing the actions she committed despite knowing the consequences?

By all means, Usman Malik is accountable and should face the worst possible consequences of his affair. But Usman’s accountability does not translate into Uzma’s free pass. Uzma Khan is accountable to both Usman’s wife and the society that has started to reek of extramarital affairs and women getting away from it by shrugging off any obligation to the woman they are damaging homes of.

Do I sympathize with Uzma Khan and her sister for what happened with them? Maybe yes. But do I support Uzma Khan in this matter? Surely not. As much as I want Amna Malik to tame, mend and punish her husband; I would not put her down for setting an example at the expense of Uzma Khan.

And only if it had been a Riyasat e Madina, Uzma Khan (or Usman Malik) would not have a chance of making themselves look like a victim. Because when we say it takes two to tango, the two also includes Uzma Khan.

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  1. Thanks for giving a new modus operandi, if my son is distracted by girls in the neighbour hood I will go attack all the girls, actors and Heera mandi around us and not restraint my son. Sorry I dont belong to such insane world, my first duty is to reprimand and restraint my kid. I have no authority on any other lives freedom of love or speech. This remind me of Lahore where the Ranjeet singh boys can enter any house at will and ordered people to keep the doors unlocked. May be Malik Riaz is from same blood!!!

  2. Uzma admited herself that she lived with her husband knowing that hes married man still sge chose to be with him
    Those who r supporting her on this stance They all live in the same pool having affairs with anyone n be a home wrecker
    Anyone whether its rich or poor aint tolerate other woman its fact
    Usman is wrong n uzma is equally respindible too
    Amna has taken revenge in this way to make the their real face in publuc wat they have done

  3. To support is to stand behind a person and condemn the wrong done to him or her. As far as I can see, Uzma was attacked by three woman, more than a dozen guards, and didn’t even have level-playing field when the attack took place. Don’t you think that’s wrong and that you have got to support Uzma in her endeavour to get justice for what she and her sister faced that night? After all, none of the videos show her retaliating either…

    I do understand you are sympathetic towards Amna – she’s the wife in the whole scheme of things and has had a hard time, emotionally and probably, psychologically as well. That is understandable. But all that doesn’t give her the right – legally or otherwise – to plan and carry out a vicious bout of intimidation that could have led to loss of life and limb!

  4. You are ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. The actress Uzma Khan is also to blame and is responsible. Attacking her at home was wrong…at the same time being involved in an extra-marital affair with another married man makes her absolutely a wrong person, same as the guy Usman. Uzma Khan and the guy Usman Malik are both EQUALLY to blame!! Having an extra-marital affair and destroying a family makes them both disgusting human beings!!

  5. Hi, Aisha arshad I don’t agree with you relationship between two is personal matter But entering someone house and harassing ladies with insulting , humiliationis not a personal matter and is crime and be dealt as per law. What Amna did is wrong , she must have talked and tell Usman of consequences( or attacked) at Usman but she chose to attack weaker or she could have report to court but deciding things by own power is unacceptable to any civilized society. And by the way in riasat Maxine no one is allowed to enter some ones home with out permission.

  6. You know your opinion is wrong on many levels. Amna Malik brought along armed guards and several women to beat up her husband’s lover. This was not a spat between the wife and lover, Amna Malik assaulted, threatened to murder and pushed her guards to rape Uzma Khan. Her actions were completely criminal, not just venting of a frustrated wife. And so much violence against the lover, but not a scratch on the legally wedded husband? Maybe she ended this affair but will he not cheat again? Once a cheater, always a cheater. How many lovers will she beat up before accepting that her marriage is broken?

  7. Wrong is wrong. you are supporting woman abuse or are probably paid by the rich. I hope you have opined the same for Mr Zardari when he had an alleged affair with the model. According to you she should have also be beaten badly as she had illegal affair with him. It is a crime to enter someones home and beat them with whatever comes in hand and destroy their items. Not promoting Haram. Haram is Haram. But the scene and making of ones our brutality video is totally insane. If the wife considered it wrong she should have filed the case against the actress rather than violating the law.

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