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Veena Malik is VERY Vocal About Kashmir Issue and Indian Netizens Are Unable to Handle It!

The starlet’s Twitter handle is flooded with pro-Kashmir posts and one particular picture has irked the Indian Twitteratis a lot!

Veena Malik India

Veena Malik, often known for her loud and bold stance, has once again managed to grab attention and make noise on the much needed Kashmir issue. Amid the protest and concerns of celebrities on social media against the revoke of Article 370 in Kashmir (to sabotage its sovereignty) Veena took a rather bold step and posted a picture humiliating the Indian army.

“To The Indian Brutality In Kashmir,” captioned Veena as he posed with a slang gesture from her hands.


Twitter users from India took quite a great offence of Veena’s tweet and tried hard to troll the actress. From some calling her names to others reminding her of her Bollywood career, netizens from the neighboring country tried hard to bring the actress down. However, Veena did not budge.


Following the picture, Veena continued to tweet in support of Kashmiris who are struggling against the atrocities of Indian government after the recent lockdown of the state.

Alongside, Veena is continuously retweeting posts from journalists, celebrities and politicians that favor Kashmir is making best use of her Twitter handle. While it is not the first time Veena is under fire for her strong statements on social media, the actress has however once again showed her strong nerve among the trolling of haters and opponents.

You go girl!

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