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Veena Malik Picks Khalilur Rehman Qamar’s Side Against Marvi Sirmed

The former actress went a little too far to support the writer and there's no going back

Veena MalikThe shameless and cheap people have come out in support of a woman - OyeYeah News

Actress turned anchor person Veena Malik has finally picked up a side in the Khalilur Rehman Qamar vs Marvi Sirmed fiasco and as entitled as she may be to her opinion, this one has come quite below the belt.

“People who are upset that Khalilur Rehman Qamar has insulted a woman, can’t they see a difference between a woman and a rhino,” tweeted Veena as she blatantly body-shamed Marvi and used derogatory language.

She went on to say, “All the shameless and cheap people have come out in support of a woman,” as she mocked the celebrities and politicians who took Khalilur Rehman Qamar to task for his abusive language on national television.

Unsurprisingly, it was Armeena Rana Khan who decided to call out Veena for her obnoxious tweet and gave a tit for tat reply on social media.

“Imagine being out of shape yourself and then body shaming someone else,” tweeted Armeena in response.


Needless to say, Veena has once again startled her very limited fan base and resorted to controversy for becoming relevant in the ongoing debate. Her recent Twitter timeline is full of controversial statements:

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