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Veena Malik served with 500 million defamation suit by former husband, Asad Bashir Khattak

Veena Malik has been served with 500 million defamation suit by her former husband, Asad Bashir Khattak, it emerged on Thursday. 

According to Asad Khatak, Veena Malik filed a suit against him in the court of Rawalpindi based on fabrications and damaged his reputation by campaigning against him on social media.

The couple whose divorce was revealed in 2018, after three years of marriage, is now engaged in a legal battle for children’s custody.

Veena Malik’s former husband has filed a legal complaint against Veena for campaigning against him on social media and illegally moving their children to Pakistan from Dubai.

Asad Bashir Khattak seeks an unconditional apology within ten working days from the date of receipt.


Taking it to social media, Asad  Bashir Khattak has  shared his statement in a series of tweets:

To validate his alligations, Asad Khatak has also posted copies of legal notices and documents related to his children on social media.

While sharing copies of passports and visas, Asad Khatakk wrote, “This is Zahida nicknamed Veena, the real name of my ex-wife. Yes, we are divorced, but the court has also allowed me to meet the children. I am their father but why and how did you bring them to Pakistan illegally? When and who made his passport?”.


“False court orders, Dubai residents and innocent American citizens were brought to Pakistan illegally and disappeared. I am being forced to reveal the whole truth. It’s just a piece of pot, the kind of language and threats you hear from this woman”, he wrote in his next tweet.

He also shared the verdit given by the Duabi court:

Asad Khatak also shared the copies of complaints filed at  FIA Pak, US Embassy, UAE Embassy and Ministry of Interior:

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