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Veena Malik talks about visiting the Kaaba thrice and crying for forgiveness

Its been five years since the former Big Boss contestant, Veena Malik starred in a film. Due to her recent Twitter feud with Sania Mirza, Veena decided to take to social media to talk about her big change as she left the film industry behind,

I am not part of the film industry anymore, for almost five years or more, I went to the Kaaba thrice and cried and asked for forgiveness. I have changed and evolved and the world has transitioned as well”, she wrote on her twitter.

Veena highlighted how she left her controversial past and decided to finally change her lifestyle. Veena also talked about how her wardrobe and dressing sense has completely transformed over the time.

Moreover, Veena didn’t hesitate to talk about the controversial Indian magazine, where she was photographed topless, covering herself with just her bare arms, claiming that the image was morphed.  “[people] think I am an easy pick. Character assassination is easy. Or that they can bring up my past to shut me up and pull me down. But let me tell you, that’s not happening. I’ll always bounce back. Our society needs to have more acceptance,”  she added.

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As she goes through this major change, she requested people to stop judging and passing hurtful comments. “Just because you think I am controversial doesn’t mean I am wrong. No. I can be as opinionated as any other human being and I can be right too. I am heartbroken and hurt. Please leave the past behind and move forward.”

Veena Malik and Sania Mirza head to head in a nasty twitter spat

While referring to her Twitter brawl with Sania Mirza and calling out to media platforms writing about the story, Veena shared links to articles reporting the incident, while adding “While reporting a story, it is mandatory to report it in a neutral and unbiased way. The story/report should be complete and not altered as per your convenience.”

A quick recap: The Sania and Veena Twitter rampage began when Veena questioned Sania regarding taking their son to a sheesha bar, after a video of the couple went viral. However, Sania Mirza retaliated with personal comments, which she later deleted, to which the Pakistani actor replied:

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