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Veteran Lollywood star Shahid suffers car accident in Toronto

Luckily Shahid remained safe in the accident

Veteran Lollywood star Shahid suffered a car accident in Toronto.

The car of the senior actor Shahid Hameed met with a terrible accident in the Canadian city of Toronto, in which he remained safe.

According to sources, actor Shahid was going to eat at a friend’s house when suddenly his car went out of control and collided with a trawler.

Shahid’s message regarding the accident has also appeared on social media, in which he said, “Thanks to God, I am fine with everyone’s prayers. I had an accident in Toronto last night.”

According to Shahid, “I was going to eat at my friend Nasir’s house and the car skidded and hit the trawler. It is a great miracle that I was saved by the prayers of all of you.”

Shahid’s car can also be seen in the pictures that have surfaced on social media.



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