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Waqar Zaka shuns media houses for sensationalizing his arrest!

The popular television host was taken into custody for possession of sheesha


According to news today, television host, Waqar Zaka, was arrested earlier today for alcohol possession. Considering the controversial and compromising nature of the news, it spread rapidly. However, Waqar Zaka, was later moved to taking to his social media, and shunning media houses for reporting without getting their facts straight.

In a Twitter post, Waqar Zaka shared how media houses needed to sensationalize news without fact checking. The host also clarified his stance that he was booked for possession of sheesha, not alcohol.

“I don’t know what’s happening, or what is being aired on news. “What have I done? What kind of substance have I taken? There’s news that non-local alcohol has been found in my car. Kindly, read the FIR filed with the police. If you can’t read it, please find someone who can,” shared Waqar Zaka in a Twitter post.


In a two minute long video, Waqar Zaka also commented that he wanted to raise awareness about how possession of sheesha, without any intention to use it could have a person booked for possession as well.

Zaka then also shared a copy of his FIR report as an evidence and asking Chief Justice of Pakistan to take action against fake news spreading and the elements responsible behind it.


the authorLaiba Sabeen