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Waqar Zaka sounds like a more deadly virus in his YouTube quarantine show

Waqar Zaka's plans for live YouTube program seems like his own personal thing as he cant step out during quarantine

Waqar ZakaThe lockdown is taking a toll on Waqar Zaka - OyeYeah News

The lockdown is taking a toll on Waqar Zaka, as he comes up with his latest #headphoneshow on YouTube, and if you haven’t check it out yet, don’t bother to watch it!

Waqar Zaka, the Pakistani VJ-turned-reality tv host, has been trending on top social media in the country for all the XYZ reasons.

In these strange times when a celebrity’s name form nowhere starts trending top on social media, instantly triggers thoughts that he or she might have caught into leaked images or video controversy, because of some infamous social media celebs.

However, that’s not the case for Waqar Zaka this time, good for everyone!

During these coronavirus quarantine days, like millions of other people around the world, Waqar Zaka who is also going through the Stay Home Saves Lives thing, has come up with a new youtube show. Which he will be doing it live every day.

Taking it to social media Waqar Zaka shared, “Do u want me to continue with #headphoneshow Or should I change it to a Family one? Here is Episode 01 | Not a Family show | only for killing #CoronavirusLockdown Tension”.

Because of having some moral responsibility, thankfully some of us still have, we are not sharing the link here which Mr. Waqar Zaka has shared in his tweet questing whether he should be making it a family show.

And just going through the initial few seconds of the video, it was impossible for us to handle the foul and abusive language Waqar Zaka has been using to make people understand the importance of lockdown, staying at home, and keeping social distance.

This makes us wonder do we really need to hear those Galis for making people realize the grave threat coronavirus imposes.

In this digital age, people are smart enough to determine that the people he is abusing in his video commentary are not listening to all this.

If he is concerned about people’s safety and other things during this coronavirus he must come up with something more practical.

If anyone who really wants to be contributing towards society’s betterment wouldn’t it be better to put your arguments with facts and solid reasoning other than making your points valid with galis.

It was good that Waqar Zaka mentioned making Bitcoin legal in Pakistan but the whole argument was lost in his foul language, he could have made the difference, making his point more reasonable and convincing. Alas, all was lost in the end people remembered his galain, not the points he tried to raise.

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