“We need a toll free number to help save lives,” Sanam Saeed

The actress urged that there was no shame in seeking mental health help


According to the Pakistan Association for Mental Health (PAMH)depression is four times higher in Pakistan than the rest of the world. And it is going at an alarming rate. What is sad is the fact that the subject is still considered a taboo amongst our society, people either refraining from seeking help, or focusing on curing the illness with religious practices.

Pakistan needs to start recognizing mental illnesses as proper illnesses that need treatment and bringing the same matter to light is actress Sanam Saeed, who took to Twitter to shed light on the subject.

“We need a call to action for this. There is no free helpline for suicide, or any mental health related trauma. We need a toll free number to get help at the end of the line, to help save lives. Also, break the stigma, the taboo. There is no shame is seeking mental health help,” wrote Sanam rightfully on Twitter.

We, Pakistanis, need to come out of the mindset that seeking help for depression or any kind of mental health can make people talk behind our backs. We need to start treating the subject of mental health as importantly as any other health issues. Suicide is growing at an alarming rate in Pakistan and until and unless the taboo is addressed, there will be no decline in it.

Earlier, President Dr Arif Alvi had also called out for a round the clock helpline to address mental health issues stating how millions were committing suicide due to pressures and depression and psychiatric help should be readily available.


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