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Will Priyanka Chopra be Godmother to Prince Harry and Meghan’s royal baby?

Harry and Meghan are due this spring


It feels like something hot is stirring up between the two royal couples: Prince William-Kate Middleton and the recently married, Prince Harry-Meghan Markle specifically after Kate’s birthday celebrations where both Harry and Meghan were nowhere to be seen.

With rumors of tension between the two couples are doing rounds, it seems like that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex may be considering someone other than William and Kate as the godparents of their first child. But who?

Although the royal tradition remains where direct brothers and sisters become the godparents to a newborn, royal commentator, Andrea Boehlke recently stated that Harry and Meghan may have their eyes on someone outside the royal family to do the honors.

‘We’ve been talking about Jessica Mulroney, she has to have a shoe in. She’s Meghan’s best friend.” Boehlke said, however, she also added the social media sensation, Priyanka Chopra might also be entrusted with the responsibility since her friendship with Meghan Markle dates back to the former Suits’ star’s pre Harry days.

Priyanka Chopra also made an appearance on the royal wedding last year and took to Twitter to express her happiness on her friend’s big day, she wrote “Every once in a while there is a moment when time stands still, that happed today. You my friend were the epitome of grace, love and beauty”.

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