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You won’t get to see any pictures of Taimur Ali Khan from now

Our newsfeed will miss Taimur Ali Khan for sure!


Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan’s son Taimur Ali Khan is a media magnet due to his adorable looks and friendly interaction with the shutterbugs. The star kid has been an internet sensation and making headlines since birth, however, the parents feel that it’s time to draw a line.

Paparazzi’s love for Taimur is no secret at all and they make sure to be present wherever he goes but Saif and Kareena do not want Taimur to start understanding the paparazzi culture.




He was just enjoying the cameras and attention as fun since that looked different to him but since he’s growing up now, they don’t want him to register the pattern and start getting used to it.

What do you think about their decision?

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