WWE Star Stone Cold Has A Special Message For His Pakistani Fans

Stone Cold recorded a message for his fans all the way from NYC


Former WWE star, Steve Austin, known famously for his professional wrestling name, Stone Cold, sent across a special message for his Pakistani fans all the way from New York.

Shaukat Hamdani, who happens to be a Stone Cold fan himself, recorded a message live from the former wrestler and posted it on Twitter for all his fans.

“Hey buddies, this is Stone Cold Steve Austin coming to you via New York City on this recording device, a telephone, saying happy Pakistan day!,” the WWE star conveyed to all his fans in Pakistan.

Thanking them for the support and love he received from Pakistan, Stone Cold also added, “I appreciate all the support for my career back in the day. Thank you very much. Have a great Pakistan day and that’s the bottom line, ’cause Stone Cold said so!”

And those who know Stone Cold, also know what it means when Stone Cold said so!

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