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Cute & Confident Yashma Gill as Shanzay brings a different Dimension to ‘Pyar Ke Sadqey’

Her character is exceptionally charming to watch, and it is without any doubts because of how she has played it since episode 1.


Yashma Gill’s current drama Pyar Ke Sadqey is raising currently garnering critical acclaim for the budding actress because it is one of the most unique roles she has played so far.

Pyar Ke Sadqey is a drama by Momal Productions & MD Productions starring Yashma Gill, Yamna Zaidi, and Bilal Abbas Khan. Written by Zanjabeel Asim Shah and directed by Farooq Rind, the drama has light humor added to a dark plot, which gives the story a very different look.

Yashma Gill plays the role of the young, confident, and carefree Shanzay Meer, who loves to enjoy life. Her character is exceptionally charming to watch, and it is without any doubts because of how she has played it since episode 1. Her smile, her facial expressions, and the control she has over her dialogue delivery are flawless.

When Abdullah, as played by Bilal Abbas Khan falls in love with Shanzay, he keeps calling her in an attempt to win her heart. After repeatedly refusing him, Abdullah resorts to threatening her of kidnapping calls her from different numbers and finally sends her a marriage proposal through her mother.

This makes Shanzay crazy as she gets frustrated with Abdullah’s nagging. When she has had enough, she confidently speaks her mind out in front of his mother, asking him to man up. This specific scene was executed brilliantly with the way Yashma Gill portrayed Shanzay’s character.

Even though she rejected Abdullah in a heartbreaking manner, she was rooted in being the modern woman with a voice of her own.

Her acting in Pyar Ke Sadqey is a living proof that Yashma Gill is one of the most versatile actresses of the industry who can play any role effortlessly to perfection. From all her past characters, we can see that she has a sense of good script and knows how to pick versatile roles.

She does not stay within her comfort zone and experiments with unique characters that require different levels of acting. This gives her a chance to help grow as an actor in a short span of time, making her the powerhouse of acting.

Many new faces are emerging in our entertainment industry, but Yashma Gill stands apart as an individual who has unmatched acting skills, unbeatable talent, and an unbreakable personality.

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