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Yasir Hussain Calls Out People Selling Plasma to Treat Coronavirus

The actor took to Instagram and raised his voice

Yasir Hussain and plasma sellingDid any infidel in the world sell plasma? Yasir questioned - OyeYeah News

As Coronavirus grips the country tighter with over 148,911 cases, opportunists and mafias have found a new business. While many are there to help the needy in these times of crisis, there are some who are now putting a price on their plasma which can help someone fight the battle against the virus.

Such people became a target of actor Yasir Hussain’s recent Instagram post where he called out such ‘so-called Muslims’.

“Dunya ky kisi kafir ne plasma becha? (Did any infidel in the world sell plasma?),” wrote the Jhooti actor.

“Lekin hamary han baqi dunya ko kafir kehny waly plasma bech rahy han (But over here people who call the rest of the world infidel, are selling plasma),” added Yasir.

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“Aisa kyon? Ya Allah rehem (Why is it so? Oh God have mercy on us),” the actor concluded.

Ever since the need of the plasma has increased, some people who have recovered from the Coronavirus are selling their plasma for as much as Rs100,000.

the authorAisha Arshad