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Yasir Hussain Confirms He and Iqra Aziz Got Engaged in February

Yasir Hussain and Iqra Aziz both of whom are center of news these days, thanks to their recent display of affection at LSA and then the engagement photographs, have finally come out with the truth. Taking it to Instagram, Yasir publicly announced that he indeed got engaged to Iqra in February and only the pictures have been released recently.

“Yeh tasweeren Feb mai hui baat pakki ki hain . Mangni aap log angoothi pehnany ko kehty hain toh woh sari dunya k samny kia (these pictures are from our ‘baat pakki’ held in February. Engagement is to exchange rings and that we did in front of the whole world),” wrote Yasir.


The Karachi se Lahore actor added that people who have made a whole case study out of his life having nothing better to do, and it is evident from their continuous curiousity.

“Doston I’m in love and alhamdulillah I’m happy . Aap log Khush ho ya Jal k kukkar ban jao , dil mai bura samjho ya Pagal ho k Sarak pe nikal jao . Mai ne ab tak bhi apni zindagi apni marzi se guzari hai aur aagy bhi aisy hi karonga. (friend’s I am in love and I am happy. You can be happy or jealous, backbite about me or publicly create drama against me. I have lived my life on my terms and will continue to do so),” said the 33-year old actor.


Yasir also clarified that despite being in an official commitment, Iqra was surprised at LSA because she did not expect him to confess his love in front the fraternity in such a way. The actor requested his fans to learn and be happy for others to find happiness for themselves.

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