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Yasir Hussain defends backlash at celebrities missing General Elections 2018

While most of us are out and about casting our votes for the betterment of this country, sadly a number of our celebs, those we look up to and those who voice their opinions with the loudest voices, are not even in town.

Recently, Imran Abbas and Farhan Saeed talked about how people of their fraternity were flying out of Pakistan at a crucial time like this, valuing a local award event, being held in Toronto, more than the future of their country. However, it seems, Yasir Hussain (one of the few who have already flown out) have come to defend their choice.

In a social media post, Yasir mentions, how those who have flown out of the country, had signed their contracts even before the date of the general elections 2018 were announced. “I have voted twice before and it hasn’t made a difference. Am I not allowed to miss this year’s vote like any other ordinary citizen? ” questioned Hussain in his post.


Another point that Yasir raised was somewhat of a surprise for all of us. Adding in the same post, Hussain mentioned, ” Imran Abbas, agar apk k samny k naye bachy perform kar rahy hain toh dil bara karen aur machis ko pocket mai hi rakhen (Imran Abbas, if new talent is performing in front of you, please give them a chance to do so with a bigger heart).

Are we sensing some sort of a rivalry between the two? Is there something you want to tell the audience Yasir?

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