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Yasir Hussain responds to the criticism for attending Hum Awards held in Toronto

Yasir Hussain has responded to the criticism for attending the Hum Awards held in Toronto!

This year’s Hum Awards ceremony was widely criticized as its timing overlapped with one of the biggest calamities the country has been facing.

Yasir Hussain and his wife, actress Iqra Aziz were among many Pakistani celebrities who attended the Kashmir 8th HUM Awards held in Toronto, Canada at the First Ontario Centre on 24th September 2022.

The star-studded event featured well-loved stars and was attended by an audience of over 12,000 in Toronto.

However, Yasir Hussain who has been always outspoken when it comes to personal criticism or else, clapped back at those who labeled him a hypocrite.

“I’m here because of work, the same way you must go to work. The way the cricket team is playing the match. The way the ticket seller at a cinema is doing their job and everyone else too. By the way, you should mind your own business,” he said.

Continuing in an Instagram story, Yasir Hussain said, “When our politicians can idly sip on coffee and roam in New York, then why can’t I go to Canada for work to make money to pay my electricity bill?”

Throwing shade at those who criticized the awards, The Badshah Begum actor added, “And by the way, the actors spewing nonsense about not attending it weren’t given business class tickets. I’ve read the chat.”

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