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Yasir Hussain supports Iqra Aziz’s stance on marital rape

Iqra Aziz and Imran Ashraf starrer Ranjha Ranjha Kardi has been the talk of the town. Not only because the drama brings some spectacular performances by its lead, also because it has dared to break norms and dive deep into issues that are considered a taboo in our society; especially the one about marital rape.

Ranjha Ranjha Kardi saw Bhola rape his own wife Noori, under influence of medicines and that too without her consent. Noori, has not been able to do anything about it and Bhola’s own mother considers it his return to normalcy, refusing to comment or even mention how Noori’s consent doesn’t matter because she’s Bhola’s wife.

A lot of hue and cry emerged when the drama telecast the episodes, however, no comment was made from the lead cast’s side. Until now, when Iqra Aziz, opened up about the issue on her social media (only to delete the post later)

Iqra also mentioned how consent was by far the most important in all relationships, especially marriage which was based on trust, love and consent only.

Actor Imran Ashraf who plays Bhola in the drama defended the character by putting how things wer enever in his control and it was the quiet ugly to have portrayed such an act.

However, Yasir Hussain, also made a comment in the conversation, supporting Iqra’s stance through and through.

Yasir was blunt enough to mention that a rape is a rape, whether it has been done by a normal individual or someone who is mentally ill because its a girl who is the victim at the end.

We appreciate Yasir’s stance on marital rape and how he supported Iqra comment with a sane argument, rape is rape, whether committed by a normal person or someone who is mentally challenged.

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One Comment

  1. Iqra should not have deleted her post. She spoke truth.

    Ashraf needs to invest in spell check. It’s free and much needed.

    Ashraf also need to understand rape and not excuse it, which he kind of does. So Bhola is under the influence of drugs and brainwashed by his uncle. This would not fly in court. If you rape, you are responsible. End of. Ashraf alleges, Bhola doesnt know anything. Yet he knows enough to use his body to invade the body of another human being?

    Marital rape is common in Pakistan. Consent is new concept in Pakistani culture. Women are seen as property with no voice or rights. All this mixed together equals abuse. Just look at how we treat females. Islam speaks of love between spouses. How can forcing yourself on somebody be love? Yet our dramas keep romantisizing such issues. Very very wrong.

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