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Yasmeen Lari Pakistan’s First Female Architect Wins Jane Drew Prize 2020

Yasmeen Lari is the brain behind iconic FTC building and PSO House


Pakistan’s first-ever female architect Yasmeen Lari, best known for her designs like Federal Trade Center (FTC) and PSO House, has won the prestigious Jane Drew Prize 2020. The architect is the first Pakistani woman to win the accolade.

Named after Jane Drew – an advocate of women’s representation in male-dominated professions – the award highlights the efforts of women who make a name in the patriarchal fields.

Graduate of Oxford Brookes’ architecture school, Lari has been given the award for uplifting women in the field of architecture and elevating their role.

Earlier, Amanda Levete, Zaha Hadid, Denise Scott Brown, Elizabeth Diller, and Odile Decq are among the women who have won the prestigious award.

the authorAisha Arshad