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South Korean Actor Yoo Ah In Tests Positive For Marijuana Use

Popular South Korean actor Yoo Ah In has tested positive for using Marijuana.

According to the South Korean media, the police announced that the Chicago Typewriter’s urine tested positive for marijuana.
With this, Yoo Ah In has been banned from leaving the country during the ongoing investigation.

As reported, the police also seized  Alive star’s phone during the ongoing drug investigation.

The actor tested positive for marijuana during the ongoing investigation of the habitual usage of propofol.

The use of Propofol is illegal in South Korea outside of surgical procedures, being an anaesthetic as well as a sleep inducer.

According to the media reports,  Yoo Ah In was revealed to have been habitually using propofol since early 2021. On February 10, reports emerged the actor had tested positive for marijuana while tested negative for propofol, which leaves your system within 4 days.

Yoo Ah In underwent urine and hair tests as part of a police investigation after he returned to South Korea from the United States.

His urine tested positive for marijuana, while the hair test results haven’t been finalized yet, according to media reports.

It was reported earlier in the week, that the Netflix reps are still trying to understand the whole situation of Yoo Ah In and will make their statement later.

His works under Netflix inc. movie The Match, the series Good bye Earth and the incoming filming of Hellbound 2.

In response to this report, Yoo Ah In’s agency United Artists Agency (UAA) released the following official statement confirming that the actor had recently been investigated:

This is UAA.

Recently, Yoo Ah In underwent police investigation pertaining to propofol.

He is actively cooperating in all investigations regarding this and we plan to proactively address the aspects that are a problem.

We apologize for causing concern.

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