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Zahid Ahmed opens up about being into drugs in past

Famous actor Zahid Ahmed appeared talking about his past experience about being into drugs while making an appearance at Iffat Omar’s show Say It With Iffat Omar.

The star openly admitted that he has been into drugs and is thankful that he left it and also thinks times have changed we should talk about the consequences of drugs with our youth.

Being a father he is concerned now as his sons are growings and drugs being sold openly in surroundings

Zahid said, “Yes, I have been into drugs. I have used hash a lot in my life and now Alhamdulillah I have quit.”

“There is enough drama in the world, the society has completely changed. Karachi is the second most popular city when it comes to marijuana consumption so we should talk about it. My sons are growing and in their surroundings, people use it because it’s common,” he added.

Talking about ground realities he went on to say, In Islamabad, crystal meth is being sold in school campuses and crystal meth is death. The person who uses it dies in 2-3 years.”

“Why are we not talking about it? When will we talk about it? Why are you judging it as a sin? It is in our society and I have made a whole video on this topic on my channel. If you see youngsters they say that marijuana and hash are not haraam in Islam and it has no side effects”, he added.

Then he went on to open up about his own experience with drugs, he said, “It’s my 10-15 years of experience and I want to say, if it has no side effect then it has no advantage as well. When I left drugs I felt a lot of change”.

“I can say when you are high it becomes damn easy to not give a damn about anything and because of this people use it. After listening to this, it must sound positive but if you see it from another perspective it is about ‘you are not giving damn about anything in life’.

When you are high you are not giving damn about relationships and not bother about anything in life. You are detached, numb, and it is an easy escape from life. You stop growing as a person completely,” Zahid Ahmed further added.



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