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Zainab Qayyum is scared of coronavirus, gets her self tested 11 times

ZQ has also urged the fellow stars not to attend and host any social events.

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Zainab Qayyum is scared of coronavirus!

Zainab Qayyum former model turned actress, popularly known as ZQ, is pretty scared of coronavirus.

The actress who has herself vaccinated for COVID-19 has shared her concerns in a social media post and has urged the fellow stars not to attend and host any social events.

She has also raised an extremely valid point regarding the pandemic, and people should be cautious of being silent virus carriers.

“Honestly, as an actor, I don’t have a choice but to go to work where we work under the strictest SOPs. I haven’t met anyone apart from my costars on set for fear of being a silent carrier since last year. have had 11 covid tests (all neg),” ZQ wrote in a tweet.

” Plz don’t host/attend social events. and then come on set to work with us,” she added.

Like the rest of the world, the third wave of the coronavirus is causing havoc in Pakistan. Daily thousands of positive cases are being reported across the country.

Citizens are urged to play a responsible role and follow the government’s announced COVID-19 SOPs strictly.

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