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Zara Noor Abbas Has A Message For Haters Calling Out Sadaf Kanwal

After Shahroz and Syra Yusuf divorced, people blamed it all on Sadaf Kanwal. The rumor mill was ripe with the news that Shahroz and Sadaf had been involved in each other and it caused Syra and Shahroz to split. Although Shahroz took to his social media to clear the air about him and Syra having separated five months prior to meeting 

However, the dust hadn’t even settled when on the matter when a new news is breaking the internet. This week on Safina Behroz’s birthday Sadaf wished the actress on Shahroz’s profile, writing, “Happy Birthday mama.” Later on, the comment was deleted.

This piece didn’t really sit well with the masses and people began pointing out how Sadaf had referred to Safina Behroz as mama, when she was only ‘good’ friends with Shahroz.

And this calling out apparently didn’t sit well with Zara Noor Abbas. The Chhalawa actress took to her social media to school people how this was an absolute waste of time and life.

“Someone called someone’s mother ‘mama’ today and it became national news. Surprised to know we are all locked in Quarantine but guess didn’t lock our inner demons. You wasted 3 weeks of your life if you still thought this was the biggest news of the month! #LocktheGossip,” wrote Zara on her Twitter.

Although Zara does make a point, we’re wondering about the reason Sadaf deleted her comment. If she called Safina, mama, because of her friendship with Shahroz, she should have stuck by it.

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