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Zulfi Bukhari and Fawad Khan are Among South Asia’s Best Dressed Men

The two have made it to a list together and it's surprising to some extent!

South Asia's Best Dressed MenZulfi Bukhari and Fawad Khan - South Asia's Best Dressed Men - OyeYeah News

Who would have thought that superstar Fawad Khan and Special Advisor to PM Zulfiqar Bukhari would make it to a list together and that too which would seemingly be a niche celebrities only. The list is by UK based magazine Asian Style Magazine called South Asia’s 5 Best Dressed Men and while the list predominantly has actors and entertainers, Zulfi is the only exception.

Out of the five men included in the list two are Pakistani Fawad and Zulfi, one is Pakistani-American Riz Ahmed, while two are Indians, cricketer Virat Kohli and actor Ranveer Singh.

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“His well-styled Italian suits and traditional Pakistani wear is refreshing to see. It brings a new side to politicians to see that they are not just all the same,” the magazine says about Bukhari.

“The Minister of Overseas and Tourism manages to pull off both western and eastern wear,” it adds.

Whereas Fawad who is not new to such lists also gets his fair share of praise in the UK based publication.

“From well-tailored suits to perfect ethnic jackets, Fawad can make anything he wears, work,” says the list.

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