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3 Muslim Doctors Lost Life Fighting Against Coronavirus in UK

UK doctors from Sudan and Pakistan, serveing for NHS are being mourned.

Muslim DoctorsDr Amged El-Hawrani, 55, Dr Adil El Tayar, 63 and Dr Habib Zaidi were died - OyeYeah News

The 76-year old Pakistani origin doctor was among the three Muslim doctors who lost their lives while serving the NHS. Alongside, two Sudan origin doctors Amged El-Hawrani, 55, and Adil El Tayar, 63, also died at the hands of the virus that has claimed over 1200 lives in the UK.

British-Pakistani doctor Habib Zaidi who served for over 45 years in Leigh-on-Sea hospital, Essex lost his life while battling against Coronavirus in the UK. The doctor, mourned by his family and patients he served over generations as family physician passed away in the intensive care unit at Southend Hospital in Essex.

“He left a gaping hole in our hearts, but a loss that is also felt within the community that he devoted almost his entire life to,” said Sarah Zaidi, the late doctor’s daughter who is also a doctor.

“We are praying for the safety of everyone right now,” she added.

The doctors are being mourned by not only their families but also thousands of British and the hashtag #NHSheroes is widely circulated to acknowledge the frontline doctors in the country.


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