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#ProtestFromHome: Quarantined citizens around the world protesting from their windows stir internet

Worldwide, people now have found alternatives to record their protests

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Protests of people have been sparked around the world from their homes against the lockdown orders, poor measures taken against COVID-19 of their government. The latest move have stirred the storm on internet urging authorities to tread carefully when restricting civil liberties in these exceptional situations.

Worldwide, people now have found alternatives to record their protests as from Kosovo to Spain and Brazil to the Philippines; pot-banging from balconies and windows emerges as a COVID-safe way to grab the attention of politicians.

Citizens protest in Kosovo

Citizens banged pots and pans in Kosovo from the balconies and windows every night to show their dissatisfaction with the current political situation — a power struggle in the ruling coalition over the emergency measures.

The protests did not stop the prime minister from losing a no-confidence motion on March 25, marking Kosovo’s government the first in the world to fall in the time of coronavirus crisis.

As the Kosovo government ousted, the decision to either form a new government or dissolve the country’s parliament and call for early elections falls to President Hashim Thaçi, the main beneficiary of the prime minister’s sacking. However, holding elections in the midst of a coronavirus outbreak seems impossible, leaving various important issues up in the air

In Spain, a cazerolada echoed

In Spain, cazerolada (a form of popular protest by banging pots and pans) echoed against the King Felipe I, when he gave a broadcasted speech  urging  for unity in combating coronavirus pandemic.

People went to their windows and balconies to demand that his father, Juan Carlos I, donate the 100 million euros he allegedly has in a Swiss bank account, to the public health system.

Brazilians protest

The pots and pans protest is in full swing in Brazil since March 17 echoeing at around 8:30 p.m. every night against how President Jair Bolsonaro is handling policies to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic in a country with 200 million people.

#ProtestFromHome in the Philippines

In Philippines, an urban poor group Kadamay, organized pots and pans  protest to highlight the slow delivery of food assistance from the government. The lockdown order is underway aimed at containing the COVID-19 outbreak, also disrupted the livelihood of street vendors and other workers from the informal sector.

Argentine women protest against domestic violence

In Argentina, the pots and pans were banged in protests over the increasing domestic violence against women during quarantine.

Thousands of women took part in the protest from their windows and balconies.

Care for the vulnerable in Uruguay

Sound of kitchenware was also heard in Uruguay where citizens called for social protection measures for the helpless during the coronavirus crisis.

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