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Two Major US States Impose Lockdown Due to Coronavirus

After Coronavirus has claimed over 250 lives in the United States, two major states in the country have announced to go on lockdown. Starting from Saturday and Sunday Illinois and New York will begin curfew respectively, as the situation gets out of hands for the health system.

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As a result of the lockdown some 70 million people – the combined population of both states – will be homebound.

Earlier, California – the largest state in the country – also imposed a lockdown that began on Friday. Alongside, Connecticut and Oregon are also considering a potential lockdown as Coronavirus cases pass 18,000 in the country.

Worldwide, Coronavirus has claimed over 11,000 lives and infected 275,000 people. While 90,000 have recovered from the virus causing Covid-19, the situation seems to be barely under control particularly in Europe where Italy is the worst-hit country all over the world.

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