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7th Sky Entertainment’s latest success ‘Kasa-e-Dil’ sets the bar high for all Romeos out there!

7th Sky Entertainment has made its name as a paramount production house of Pakistan through its continued success in the drama industry. It has served us with some enthralling content that we so dearly enjoy with our families and friends on casual evenings.

Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi, who are most commonly known as the media moguls of the entertainment industry, have given the young love birds new goals with the spellbinding chemistry between Somia and Adan in their hit drama serial ‘Kasa-e-Dil.’

This enchanting narrative was penned down by the famous Jahanzeb Qamar and displayed on our screens with the efforts of Zeeshan Ahmed, the director. Initially, this serial started as a love story between Somia and Hatim, characters played by Hina Altaf and Ali Ansari. It then took an intriguing turn with them drifting apart because of societal pressures to a new on-screen couple that everyone loves so much. Yes, we’re talking about the fiery chemistry between Somia and Adan.

Every girl dreams of having a man who supports her and holds her hands in times of need, Affan Waheed as Adan did just that for Somia. Adan has long been crushing over Somia, acting as just a secret admirer unable to express his genuine love for her until one day she appears in front of him with a request. It is where the sparks between them take an initiation towards a love story that has developed a special place in the audience’s hearts.

Although Somia feels nothing towards Adan until she is married off to him circumstantially, Adan expresses his love in hopes that she will fall for him in the future. He promises to love, care, and respect her, which is just an out-of-the-box concept for a forced marriage. This drama serial has put up new touchstones for a relationship with the foundation of trust and effort displayed by Adan.

Bad news for the men out there! The ladies will be eyeing you for such a profound display of effort. The women all over Pakistan are gushing over how Adan surprises Somia with a rose walkway and heart-shaped cake, candles, heart balloons, and a candlelight dinner on their first confrontation of love. They exchange heartfelt and passionate conversations. Later in the episode, they are dancing and enjoying the night to themselves, where many such scenes took our breath away.

Adan’s love surpasses all where he convinces his mother to fight all odds to bring Somia home, and It is an excellent display of strength and courage not to be bound by societal rules in the face of your love. We see many relationships go downhill because of external issues, and the trick is not to tie your hands in the face of evil but to fight it with a firm belief in your love. It is contrary to the weak relationship of trust and acceptance between Somia and Hatim. The audience is given a genuine couple that proves inseparable because of their devotion to each other.

Catch the second last episode of Kasa-e-Dil at 8:00 pm on Monday for a twist in the chemistry of your favorite on-screen couple.

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