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Aana Episode 19 Review: Areesh is literally ditching Daneen

Altamash is not marrying Nashwa


With the scenic locations and beautiful story line and loaded with incredible performances Aana has become our favorite prime time watch for which we wait for the whole week. Hania Aamir and Shehzad Shaikh have come up with their best performances, newcomers Naimal Khawar and Areeba Shahood are also very impressive and we drool over Usman Mukhtar as Altamash.

The episode begins as Izza goes to the club and asks Areesh to help out Daneen in this difficult time. Although Altmash has tried to stop Izza but it is Areesh who is behaving cowardly and is not acting like a man.

Aania intervenes impressively and she asks Areesh to visit Daneen’s house and talk with Saif, but Areesh’s father intervenes and stops them for doing that! and surprisingly Areesh stops his father’ to give such orders. He has no idea from which hardships Daneen is going through, all he knows is that he is becoming a father and what he keep doing is just romancing with Aania all the time, he is literally ditching Daneen.


Daneen on the other hand is acting like a senseless girl who has only one thing to say that Areesh will come and rescue her. She is not shying away to say this in front of Saif, making him angrier and he makes her work like a maid, her phone is tapped and she is not allowed to step out of his house and moreover her own father is not supporting her. Daneen is in real miserable state, her only hope is Areesh but Areesh is only busy with his new found love his wife Aania.


Izza tries to go to Shamsherghar but Altamash stops her from going there and takes her to his own place and there he apologizes her on his past conduct and assures her that he is going to support her for Daneen issue. It seems that the lost spark between them has lit once again.

Next day Izza visits Altamash’s office where Nashwa was sitting, Izza wants to go back but Altmash stops her and asks Nashwa to go, despite Nashwa’s bad mood. Altasmash tells Izza that Nashwa is not her fiance he is just helping her out to take admission in an art school and Nashwa’s family is pressurizing him to marry her and he cannot bluntly say no to them because of Aania.


Nazia Phupoo is also cooking something, she is spending lots of money on Shamshergarh’s maid to use her against them. Nashwa is ditching the deal with Altamash as they both have a deal that they do not want to marry each other so they will just pretend that they like each other but they will not marry.

He will help her in taking admission in a college but it seems that Nashwa has fallen in love with that Handsome Altamash and now she does not want to take any admission, she just want to marry him but Altamash, on the other hand, does not want to marry her. Altamsh tries to help Izza by inquiring about Daneen’s whereabouts and he came to know that Daneen is being mistreated by her in-laws.

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