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Aana Episode 4 Review : Ego comes in between Daneen and Areesh relationship

Daneen breaks the engagement


Episode 4 went on air yesterday and Anaa has taken a drastic turn with its story. Daneen has broken her engagement with Areesh, the same guy whom she has loved all her life.

Sameera Fazal has definitely penned down a passionate tale of ego and relationships and Shahzad Kashmiri’s direction is bringing out the best from Hania Aamir, Shehzad Sheikh, Usman Mukhtar and Naimal Khawar alongside the rest of the supporting cast.

The episode begins when Daneen is anxious about the latest trouble in her relationship but she is banking upon Areesh a lot. She is dead sure that Areesh will take a stand for her and she is not ready to apologize nor she is ready to abandon her new found relatives. Well her expectations are crushed when Areesh asks her to apologize for her behavior with his family and gets made on her refusal.


Well it seems like at Areesh’s place there is no support for Daneen. Chacha and Dadi already do not approve of her and then her cousin, Areesh’s sister from whom she tries to seek help in this matter, backstabs her by making things go worse for her by telling Areesh only one side of the story. This fuels Areesh so much so that he has made up his mind to break his engagement with Daneen and also tells his father that he us ready to marry Aania.


Well Aania seems a pretty sensible girl who calls Daneen and tells her about Areesh’s plan of marrying her. Daneen gets the shock of her life! She is deeply hurt but she tries to conceal her feelings by being extremely cheerful. She pretends that she is happy on hearing about Aania and Areesh marriage but she wants to get married before Areesh. Daneen is hastily in search of her groom. Well as far as Aania is concerned it seems like there is a problem at her end too. Aania has a past too where she was subjected to physical abuse when she was young, therefore Altamash is concerned about her, he wants Areesh to know about Aania’s past.


Apparently Daneen is acting like she is all happy but she is extremely disturbed and her cousin Eiza knows it well. Her Phupo and Eiza have suggested her numerous times that they will go back and her father is going to apologize so everything will become normal again but Daneen’s ego always comes in between. Daneen sees Areesh and Altamash at a mall ignoring her, she walks towards him and create a whole scene telling him that he should marry Aania the favorite girl of the house and ends up breaking the engagement by throwing her engagement ring at him.

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