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Aana Episode 6 Review: Daneen has ruined her life!

Aana,the exquisite tale of Daneen and Areesh’s love, which is now facing tragic consequences of a life long grudge between both the family is garnering great appreciation as a prime time watch on Hum TV.  Owing to its unique performances, beautiful setting and power packed performances by Hania Aamir, Shehzad Shaikh, Usman Mukhtar and others, the drama is a delight to watch. It is rather difficult to decide for us as to what we love most about the play… its story, Hania Aamir incredible performance as the headstrong and lively Daneen or Usman Mukhtar’s brooding character Altamsh?

The episode begins when Dada Saab is taking his last breath and he calls Daneen and tells her to stay strong and be brave and to do what she think is right! Dada Saab passes away remembering his sister on his death bed. However Areesh’s Dadi and his family comes on the funeral but Daneen strongly opposes to show them her Dada’s last glimpse. She reminds them that she came to their place and begged them to visit him but they refused and now consequently they have no right to see him dead.


Daneen hastily marries and on the wedding night she realizes that she has made a mistake in haste. There is a large portrait of her now husband’s first wife in his bedroom. He shows no interest in Daneen, leaving her to fend for herself.


On the other hand Izza is regretting and hating herself for coming in Daneen’s life and for becoming a reason of Daneen’s ruined relationship. Izza knows well that Saif is not a right match for Daneen. Although Altamash tries to comfort her by saying that Saif is a nice guy but Izza is still feeling bad for Daneen and blaming Altamash for not doing anything for Areesh and Daneen just because he wants to marry off his sister with Areesh!


In a parallel world, Areesh is regretting loosing Daneen. He is in great pain to hear about Daneen marrying Safeer and knows that he has lost her forever! He shares his feelings with Altamash who warns him that he will not spare him if his sister will suffer! While Aania can empathize with Areesh’s feelings for Daneen, Areesh vows that he will change for her and will always take care of her. Areesh also admits to Altamash that he can only take care of Aania but he cannot love her! One wonders while knowing all this will Altamash still allow this wedding to happen?

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