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Anaa Episode 8 Review: Aania begs Daneen for Areesh

We really need to know what is going on with Altamash and Izza


Anaa is garnering some good reviews and rating points for its different story and unique setting in the North of Pakistan. The story, focusing on the word Anaa as ego, shows how lives are destroyed when one worships his ego more than anything. Here, Daneen and Areesh are struggling to make their families and themselves happy because there ego doesn’t allow them to bend and ask the other for forgiveness or come together as one. Hania Aamir has given a beautiful performance as Daneen. Shehzad Sheikh looks good as Areesh and so does Usman Mukhtar as Altamash, the highlight of the episodes so far.

The episode begins when Aania insists that he want to marry Areesh, as all she wants is him and he is acceptable to her like the way he is. Despite of Altmash’s disapproval she marries Areesh. He comes late to his room on his wedding night and then he confesses to Aania that he should not have married her as he can never be faithful to her can never love her as he only loved Daneen. Areesh further tells Aania that Altamash was right about her not marrying him and that he will divorce her the next day, on which Aania pleads him not to.


While Areesh confesses his true feelings to Aania on his wedding night, he also emphasis that they both should not hide anything from each other. He has shared his heart out to her because he thinks that a husband should not hide anything from his wife and similarly he expects this from Aania as well.  And Aania is definitely hiding something.  Areesh does not know about her past. and she is yet to share it with him.


Aania visits Daneen’s house all alone and it seems like she wants some personal discussion. Aania begs Daneen to leave Areesh for her on which Daneen promises that she will never show her face to them and she has no intentions to leave Saif. Saif’s mother later calls Dadi and asks her about not coming along Aania. Dadi is angry and Aania is in trouble now.


In a parallel universe, Altamash and Izza have a story of their own. Altamash invites her over only to see how busy he is and Izza is sick. On Altamash’s insitent to take some cough syrup, she downs the whole bottle only to be intoxicated under its influence and confessing that she likes him. The scene highly inspired (albeit in a halal way i.e. cough syrup instead of alcohol) seemed irrelevant for now. Altamash and Izza share a good chemistry but we need something solid to show how they’re falling for each other and not some Indian drama inspired cheap tactics!

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