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Aangan 1st Episode Review: A strong beginning

Last week brought about the most hyped and much awaited period drama on Hum TV; Aangan. And now, after watching the first episode, we have to say, the drama has lived up to the hype created around it. After its first episode, we found Aangan to be a visual treat with an amazing cinematography that takes you back in time. Director Ehteshamuddin’s attention to detail is perfect, from the costumes to accessories, from the set design to the props used, each and every detail is there to transport one back to the pre partition era.

For now, we’ve been introduced to a handful of characters, each of whom have played their parts convincingly. The story revolves around a household where Zeb Rehman (Ama Bi) takes charge because her husband Aba Mian (Abid Ali), is more focused on his illegitimate affairs. Salma (Sonya Hussyn) their daughter is in love with the family’s childhood servant Subhaan (Ahsan Khan). Salma doesn’t get anything get to her and seeks secret meetings with her lover without thinking about repercussions. Subhaan however is terrified for himself. Salma is caught by her strict and very upright mother but nothing gets to her or deters her love for Subhaan. Salma is rebellious while Ama Jan is more worried about her honor.

We have mentions of three other sons as well. Omair Rana plays the middle child Mazhar and he is a government servant; serving the same government he doesn’t think highly of. Ama Jan’s bahu is highly impressed with her brother marrying an English woman and finds it hard not to boast about her.

For now, we just have an introduction to the story and their character inclinations. Two or three episodes will definitely show where the plot is headed in terms of story. We have to say this depiction of Aangan is quite different from the novel in terms of its beginning, however, the treatment has been done amazingly well, bringing across an interesting story for the viewers to feast upon; at a satisfactory pace; because we are in no rush.

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