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Alif Episode-11 Review: Qalab e Momin in quest of Spirituality

Abu Talha married Husan e Jahan without his father's consent

Alif Episode-11 ReviewIn this episode Qalab e Momin in quest of Spirituality - OyeYeah News

Alif the drama serial based on veteran playwright and novelist Umera Ahmed with the same title, makes us all reflect into our lives and we can relate the story with our missing connection to the divine, by watching the journey of Qalab e Momin, it seems like it takes one also to the path of Divine and quest for spirituality.

Qalab e Momin leaves all his commitment behind and flies off to Turkey to meet his dada. His Dada is surprised to see him, he says that he was right he knows nothing about Allah and spirituality and he has also read all the letters he had written to Allah which he has sent him. Qalab e Momin says that he has written a lot, prayed a lot but all his prayers were unheard and Allah has not replied them moreover he says that Allah also not forgive anyone. If Allah had forgiven,  He would have saved his house. Dada corrects him by telling him that it is a human who does not forgive, but Allah does! He further tells him that it was he who has not forgiven his father.


Momima’s father recalls how Husan e Jahan was extremely broken when Abu Talha’s father thought of Husan e Jahan as some devilish force that came to destroy his son’s faith. He used to paint calligraphy but then he started painting her portrait and it was Shirk! Sultan comforted her by telling her to forget Abu Talha but she said that he has left his father and she will marry him soon. Sultan comes back to Pakistan alone and Husan e Jahan’s mother makes a lot of hues and cry about her daughter’s missing and when she came to know that she has been married to a calligrapher, not a businessman she was really mad.


Momina’s performances are going well and she is garnering a lot of appreciation. Momina’s parents are wondering that why Faisal is not picking up their call and now it has been months. Momina’s mother plans to visit Faisal’s house, she and Sultan goes to Faisal’s house where the whole house was lit with lights and it seems like a function is going. Sultan inquires from the guard about what is happening he tells him that Faisal’s wedding function is going leaving Momina’s parents in a deep shock.


Qalab e Momin’s dada recalls his son and how he got affiliated with a Pakistani dancer. He has not approved her at all, he was thinking that that delegation will go in a week and Abu Talha will forget about her but he gets shocked to learn that Abu Talha is getting more infatuated. The shocking and disturbing moment for him was when he sees his son painting Husan e Jahan’s portrait! For him, it was shirk and a breach of the commitment their family has made with Allah.


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