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Alif Episode-12 Review: Qalab e Momin hears his parent’s story

Momina is on the path of stardom

Alif Episode-12 ReviewIn this episode Qalab e Momin hears his parent's story - OyeYeah News

Alif the thought-provoking drama serial is one of the best serials in the running. Based on Veteran writer Umera Ahmed’s novel with the same title, the drama is about the human relationship with the Divine. The play revolves around two main characters Qalab e Momin and Momina and their struggles and journey to the righteous Path of Almighty.

The episode begins when Qalab e Momin’s dada is narrating his side of the story how he reacted when his only son Abu Talha fell in love with a Pakistani actress, how he thought of her as Satan who is tempting Abu Talha and will astray him. Who had stopped painting Calligraphy and has started painting Husan e Jahan which according to Qalab e Momin’s Dada is a huge sin and Shirk. He prayed that his son forgets her but he did not.


Abu Talha confronts his father for the very first time in front of Husan e Jahan, that he will not leave her and that she is not devil who is tempting him but it is love, pure love that Allah has bestowed in his heart but Momin’s grand father in his arrogance and pride says that he will never forgive him and also he will pray that he will forget her. Husan e Jahan, on the other hand, is resolute that he will take away Abu Talha from his father and will not let him meet his father.


Momina’s parents are heart broken to hear about Faisal’s getting married. Momina’s father has an idea that Momina already knows this. Momina, on the other hand, is heading towards the path of stardom. She has signed Renoka as her official agent. She has now too many projects in the pipeline. She is now enjoying all the perks of being a star but still, she is very much grounded, stardom has not got on to her head. She still remembers Allah and she recites Quraan in her hotel room.


Qalab e Momin is recalling his childhood, the time he has spent with his parents how happy he was then. He asks his grand father that what wrong his mother did? Why his father has left her and why he had not forgiven her. Qalab e Momin’s Dada says that he does not know and when Momin insists he says that he has to promise him not to ask this question again. Momin visits his father’s grave and he also recalls how he used to hate his own mother and how he refuses to see her whenever she come to meet him. He even used to rudely throw away the gifts she brings for him. We are wondering that was Husan e Jahan’s actual sin which Momin’s dada is hiding from Momin?

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