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Alif Episode-13 Review: Qalab e Momin’s heart is inclining towards spiritualism

Stardom has not polluted Momina's heart.

Alif Episode-13 ReviewIn this episode Qalab e Momin's heart is inclining towards spiritualism - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Alif the thought-provoking drama serial, running on Geo Entertainment is based on man’s relationship with the Divine, the serial is our most favourite Prime Time Watch. The play is based on veteran writer Umaira Ahmed’s novel Alif. Hamza Ali Abbasi and Sajal Aly have come up with their power-packed performances in this play.

Qalab e Momin is discussing her mother with his grandfather that she has left him and married some rich guy just because she wanted money and she does not care about him at all on which Qalab e Momin’s grandfather says that it is not the case she had not left him it was he who married her off to a man and there we get to know that the man Momina visits for Calligraphy Ibrahim was husband of Husan e Jahan.


Momina returns to Pakistan as a star who has worked in Hollywood flicks and now have signed an Indian film. She tells her parents that she herself has broken his engagement from Faisal as she cannot let him support his family like that on the cost of her self respect. She is giving interviews to the channels and never ever she feels like pretending anything, she proudly owns her background. Stardom has not polluted Momina’s heart, she is very much grounded.


Qalab e Momin’s dada shows him an incomplete Calligraphy painting of his father who left that painting incomplete. Momin says that he has already seen this calligraphy painting in his dreams. It seems like Qalab e Momin is going to finish what his father has left for him, Qalab e Momin is struggling to write his film story and he leaves Turkey. His grand father asks to forgive him on which Momin says that he has never wronged him it is he who has been always committed mistakes after mistakes. At least Momin has realized it.


Momina, on the other hand, is busy in life, they are shifting from her old house to another. She visits Ibrahim and tells him about his projects and also that she has broken her engagement with Faisal. The Conversation between Ibrahim and Momina is always very thought-provoking. He tells her that it is a good sign that her heart is not satisfied with all worldly and materialistic achievements as it is a blessing while Momina thinks it is ingratitude. He gifts Momina Quranic copy of Calligraphy done by Abu Aalaa, Momina says that she is a huge admirer of his work. She is extremely delighted to know that Abu Alaa gifted this Quran copy of his calligraphy to him. Ibrahim tells her that pray that his grand son carries his legacy and then he tells her his name Qalab e Momin on which Momina gets little shocked but she says ameen.

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