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Alif Episode-14 Review: Qalab e Momin seeks repentance from Almighty

Qalab e Momin's dada passes away.

Alif Episode-14 ReviewIn this episode Qalab e Momin seeks repentance from Almighty - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

The thought-provoking and spiritually enlightening drama serial Alif on airing on Geo Entertainment is the best drama serial in the running. This play is based on Veteran writer Umaira Ahmed’s novel Alif, the play is full of pearls of wisdom. Hamza Ali Abbasi and Sajal Aly have given their remarkable performances in the play.

The episode begins when Qalab e Momin returns to Pakistan and there he tries to get back to his film project. He is startled to know that no one is interesting to work in his flick everyone is criticizing him for making a noncommercial spiritual film. Qalab e Momin thinks that he will write the script of the film himself but still no one financer is interested in it. Qalab e Momin calls dada and shares his concern with him, he says if he is not getting money for his film he can help him, he can sell all his calligraphy paintings and will help him but Qalab e Momin says that he needs massive investment and he cannot help him.

Momina, on the other hand, has reached the epitome of stardom, she has bagged the Oscar Award and many local accolades but still, fame has not got on her head, she is very much grounded and humbled, and still, she remembers Allah and never stops praising him. All heroines are looking up to Momina with envy including Qalab e Momin’s heroine who wishes that Qalab e Momin would have rejected her too so he would have reached Hollywood, Momin hears that.

Qalab e Momin dada gets seriously ill and Momin flies back to Turkey where Qalab e Momin’s dada dies. At his death Momin realizes that he is a very renowned world-class calligrapher whose paintings were kept in the world’s top museums but he never shares this with Momin. He never used to share his fame and name as Momin does. Momina’s father asks her to find Husan e Jahan’s son and also he shares that his grandfather was a world-famous Calligrapher he lives with him in Turkey and his name is Qalab e Momin which rings a bell in Momina’s mind but she promises her father that she is going to find Husan e Jahan’s son.

Qalab e Momin’s dada funeral is attended by thousands of people and Momin is wondering who were those people. He has understood that it was all Allah’s blessings with his grandfather as he has spent all of his life writing and praising Allah’s name. Momin then reflects back to his own life what he has done? He has always negated Allah’s path. Qalab e Momin desperately seeks repentance from Allah and asks Him to guide him to Sirat ul Musteem the righteous path for the chosen ones.

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