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Alif Episode-15 Review: Qalab e Momin pens down his parent’s story

Alif the drama serial running on Geo Entertainment, makes us all reflect back to our relationship with the Divine. Veteran writer Umaira Ahmed has very beautifully penned down the play based upon the namesake novel Alif. The new episode takes an interesting turn as Momina and Momin’s paths are about to cross once again. In this episode, Momina is being offered Momin’s new film while Dawood literally insists Momina to accept this work offer.

The episode begins when Qalab e Momin after taking quite a long hiatus is back to work and he comes up with a script which he has written himself and asks Dawood to start the casting. Dawood was already sharing his concerns for Momin with the office girl, who was pleasantly surprised to see the script.  They were even more surprised to read the script as it is based on a very heart touching story they doubt that Momin cannot write this kind of story. Momin has penned down his parent’s story. They were thinking to cast Momina for this role as she seems a perfect choice but Dawood knows that it is almost impossible.


Momin is watching TV where Momina’s interview is running, Momin starts watching her interview with keen interest but then Momina shares about her struggles telling that she has first gone for an audition where the director asks her to wear inappropriate dress on which she refused and director rejected her if she has given that role in the film her brother could have survived after getting kidney transplant. Momin is shocked to watch this and he is feeling very guilty.


Momina is shown as an Oscar-winning star, to this bit we feel this goes beyond one’s imagination how  Momina could have achieved such accomplishment in such a short span of a career, that too in Pakistan.

So making Momina winning Oscar that too in such short span of time seems so unrealistic and is not gelling well.

Maybe we missed out on the  lead that she has been working in the US in an international project.


Momin tells Dawood that he would have told him that her brother’s condition but Dawood tells him that he at that time was not ready to listen anyone. Dawood tells him that Shelly has refused to play this role and he can talk with Momina if he say but Momin knows that she hates him so much so that she will not accept the role.

Dawood goes at Momina’s place and insists her but she is not ready to accept, Dawood says that its okay but he leaves the script with her and insists that at least he should give it a read. Momina eventually reads the script as the title  Alif intrigues her but it seems that she is surprised and hooked by the script.

She discusses the script with her father that the characters of the play include a  Turkish calligrapher and a Pakistani actress and how they met in Turkey and fell in love and then their married life is destroyed by a person named Sultan. Momina’s father gets shocked to hear his name as he has realized that it is Husan e Jahan’s story.


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