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Alif Episode-17 Review: Momina stuns Qalab e Momin by her support in press conference

Qalab e Momin is not ready to part away from his Dada's Calligraphy paintings

Alif Episode-17 ReviewIn this episode Momina stuns Qalab e Momin by her support in press conference - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

The thought-provoking drama serial Alif running on Geo Entertainment is getting more and more interesting and intense. Veteran writer Umera Ahmed through his play makes us reflect on our lives and our relationship with the Almighty. Momina and Qalab e Momin will now work together as Momina has finally signed Qalab e Momin’s flick.

Momina’s demand for having all 7 Calligraphy paintings have stunned Qalab e Momin and he is wondering why an actress is so interested in Calligraphy? Momina assures him that she is never going to sell these paintings nor she will ever going to part from them. Qalab e Momin is still wondering why an actress has so much interest in the Calligraphy he asks Dawood about her and he tells him that Momina does Calligraphy herself and she is an artist.


Qalab e Momin is surprised to find out Momina’s new side but he is not ready to part away from his paintings, as his Dada had painted those especially for him. Each painting is a masterpiece which reveals Ayats of Allah. Qalab e Momin for the very first time feels the value and worth of these pearls of wisdom, he has realized that he cannot part away from these paintings nor even for his film or Momina. For him these paintings are important for him more than anything else, he has made up his mind but the next day he comes to know that his paintings have already been shifted by Dawood at Momina’s place.


Momin is really irritated on losing the paintings but then Dawood holds a press conference in which Momin has to announce his flick and heroine. Momin faces lots of criticism and questions about his new project named Alif but this time before Qalab e Momin says anything, Momina starts supporting Momin by replying that where it is written that a commercial movie director cannot make a spiritual film one should not judge a person like that.


Momin feels so pleasantly surprised and delighted by getting that unexpected support from Momina’s side. He tries to thank her but she rudely says that she has not favored him, she is just supporting her film. Momina asks her father about what happened he and gets into the reverie again where he has been in love with Husan e Jahan but she has no feelings for Sultan, she only thinks of him as her good friend and well-wisher, she asks for his support for selling the portraits of her which Abu Talha painted so that she can meet her expenses and raise Qalab e Momin.

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