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Alif Episode-16 Review: Momina is willing to do Qalab e Momin’s film

Momina stuns Qalab e Momin as she asks his Dada's calligraphy as her package.

Alif Episode-18 ReviewIn this episode Momina is willing to do Qalab e Momin's film - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Alif is undoubtedly one of the classiest plays in the running, airing every Saturday at Geo Entertainment, the play clashes its air time with another hit Mere Paas Tum Ho. What we thought earlier that Alif was initially getting dragged but now the plot seems to be fully set and the story is getting gripping and engaging. This episode is packed with some powerful performances by Hamza Ali Abbasi and Sajal Aly. The story is getting more and more intense and interesting and the ending of this episode is superb, leaving us craving for more.

Momina starts reading the script and she gets hooked till the last page. Momina has realized that she is reading the story of Husan e Jahan, she has recognized her father as his real name is used while rest characters are named fictional but still, Momina has recognized that its Husan e Jahan’s story. And she makes up her mind that she will take this role but on the other hand, she is disturbed to know that her father becomes the reason for Husan e Jahan and Abu Talha’s breakup.


Qalab e Momin is worried for the budget of the film as brands are not ready to invest into his project. He is thinking of mortgaging his office but his assistant advice him not to take such huge risks. Dawood enters into the room when such tense conversation is going and breaks the news that Momina has agreed to work in the film. Qalab e Momin is surprised that Momina agrees to play the role of a mother.


Momina shares the story with her father and asks him that what he did to Husan e Jahan that her house got broken? Sultan gets disturbed to hear that from Momina. He clearly tells Momina that she should refuse this script and also that she wants to know the second part of the story, on which Momina tells him that she does not have the second part of the story. Momina has made up her mind to accept this film which is being offered to her.


Qalab e Momin is super nervous in front of Momina but she is confident and there is an air of bitterness between them. Momin wants to apologize but Momina bluntly tells him to talk about film when Khalil Shahab comes to meet Momin and he offers him a blank cheaque and that he can sign it himself against all seven Calligraphy paintings his Dada has gifted him. He praises Abu Aaala’s work so beautifully that Qalab e Momin feels guilty to part away from it. He excuses himself from selling those paintings. He comes back to Momina asks her about her package he gets flabbergasted when Momina asks his Dada’s calligraphy as her package.

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