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Alif Episode-19 Review: Momina’s heart starts melting for Qalab e Momin

Qalab e Momin also seems to be lovestruck!

Alif Episode-19 ReviewIn this episode Momina's heart starts melting for Qalab e Momin - OyeYeah News

Alif, a  thought-provoking and spiritually enlightening drama serial running on Geo Entertainment is the classiest play for which we all anxiously wait for the whole week. The play is making waves with its beautiful and incredible story penned down by veteran writer Umaira Ahmed and brilliant performances which makes this play stand out from others and its execution is also incredible.

Qalab e Momin has a heavy feeling after parting away from the paintings which his grandfather had specially made for him. Those masterpieces were pearls of wisdom and they only meant for Qalab e Momin but now Momina has taken them against her charges for working in his film Alif.

Momina takes all those paintings to her Ustaad Master Ibrahim and he recognizes those paintings that they were those who Abu Aalaa has painted only for him. Qalab e Momin is kinda disturbed to see the stark resemblance between Momina and her mother and it seems that he is love stuck too. He apologizes Momina for his past conduct and gives her two white roses.


Master Ibrahim refuses to take those paintings, he tells Momina to return them to Qalab e Momin as these paintings were specially made for him. It is he who truly owns it and if she will not return them back to him, these paintings will eventually go back to its real owner it is the law of the Creator. Momina’s perception of Qalab e Momin changed at once after hearing kind words for him from Master Ibrahim. She has wholeheartedly forgiven him.


Momina’s ex-fiance Faisal sends her a bouquet of flowers and a note in which he is wishing her luck. Momina calls on the number written on the note and Faisal tries to be very sweet to her as if nothing bitter happened between them. Faisal tells her that she made him proud sounds so superficial that he is the person who left her for working in films and it is he who looked down at her work. She clearly tells him that she does not want to meet him as time has changed a lot and now he is nothing but just a good old friend.


Qalab e Momin is extremely surprised and happy to find his Dada’s paintings back on the walls. He is more amazed and worried to know that Momina has sent them back. Next day he asks the reason why she has returned the paintings on which she says that she has given them back in good faith and that her Ustaad has told her to do so. Next day Momina brings two more white roses and a blank cheque and presents that to Momina to sign the amount she likes as for her film charges that now she has returned the paintings. Momina writes 000 amount on it and says that she will take her charges after the film release and till then she will take these white roses.

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