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Alif Episode-20 Review: Qalab e Momin doubts Momina’s character

The drama serial Alif airing on Geo Entertainment is one enlightening Watch that makes us reflect on our relationship with Almighty. Umaira Ahmed the veteran writer has very beautifully penned down the novel on which the whole play is based. Hamza Ali Abbasi and Sajal Aly are nailing their characters with incredible performances.

In its latest episode, Qalab e Momin gives a clear cut concept of Alif, Alif in which lies the whole relationship of humans with the Almighty it is as simple and as straight as the alphabet Alif. One straight line which connects human with Allah. Momina is fascinated to know Qalab e Momin’s in-depth concept of Allah and human’s relationship with Allah, Momin is explaining all this to the lyricist who is making the theme song for the film.


Momina is attracted to Momin and his views have impressed her. Momin narrates the script of the film with the whole crew of the film where a debate begins about the characters how Husan e Jahan’s house was destroyed by a person named Sultan. The actor of the play is of the view that Aaliya has succumbed back to the world of glamour but then others suggests that actresses are not homemakers.


Momina raises a very solid point and it is a point to ponder for Qalab e Momin. According to her a strong woman like Aaliya who is enduring all pains and hardships for her son, cannot be that weak in front of Sultan because she is not just a woman she is a mother. She suggests that maybe she has called him to sell the paintings which her husband has painted for her so that she can buy some necessary items for her son. These arguments leave disturbed Qalab e Momin.


Momin makes a huge mistake in the way of love, he is doubting Momina’s character. Momina is discussing her mother’s condition with her brother like friend Dawood and Dawood is consoling her which Momin mistakes as like he is flirting with her and he assumes that they both are having an affair which he expresses with Momina on which she slaps hard on his face telling that why he thinks that every other person is Husan e Jahan. Momin is really mad at Dawood. Momina is extremely hurt by Momin’s behavior, she cries her heart out telling her friend that she loves Qalab e Momin like Husan e Jahan. Her father asks her about it too and he says that Qalab e Momin was the reason behind Husan e Jahan’s doom.

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