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Alif Episode-21 Review: Qalab e Momin regrets on doubting Momina

Momina hears Husan e Jahan's story from her father.

Alif Episode-21 ReviewIn this episode Qalab e Momin regrets on doubting Momina - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Alif the thought-provoking and spiritually enlightening drama serial running on Geo Entertainment is one of the wonderful Prime Time Watch. Umaira Ahmed has very brilliantly portrayed the relationship of humans with Allah and the whole concept lies in the alphabet Alif. Alif in another way is a celebrating Human’s relationship with Allah.

Momina hears Husan e Jahan’s tale of her doom from her father,  who tells her that how she was being exploited by her own mother. How she failed to make her comeback in the industry and how along with Husan e Jahan his own downfall had arrived too as his makeup skills and cosmetics were considering dating. Husan e Jahan refused to work with any other makeup artist thus it results in losing her only film project.

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Momin shares his thoughts with Dawood, on which Dawood clarifies himself by saying that how can he think of him like that? he knows that Dawood is soon getting married. Moreover, Dawood also clarifies that Momina is not like a typical Diva, she is a different girl and currently, she is very upset about her mother’s condition. Momin regrets his conduct and now he tries to request Dawood to make amendments but this time Dawood says that only prayers can bring Momina back.

Sultan narrates Husan e Jahan’s struggles that how she lost her only chance of making a comeback in the films and then she is left with no other choice but to marry a feudal lord who is so brutal just like typical feudal. Husan e Jahan is not ready to take off Taha’s name or marry anyone else nor she wants to adopt this glamorous and sinful way of living. She wants to raise Qalab e Momin, on Rizq e Halal not on Haram. Sultan was shocked when he hears that Husan e Jahan considers her own and his earnings Haram.

Sultan’s wife is so cooperative that she even tries to convince Sultan to marry Husan e Jahan, she says that she will accept her happily but Sultan says that it is not possible. Pressures on marrying that Feudal Lord is getting intense on Husan e Jahan by her mother, she even sells off her house to pay off the debts and she is gearing to launch her younger daughter as an actress.

Her mother clearly tells her that she is not going to have any place in her house. Husan e Jahan writes a letter to Momin’s grandfather and she receives the reply along with a ticket, he is calling her to Turkey. Sultan says that it is not possible that her mother will never let her go on which Husan e Jahan desperately asks Sultan to kill her and Sultan admits in front of Momina that he has killed her. Well, it seems that it does not mean literal killing, Sultan must have spread the news to her family and in the circle about his fake death.

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