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Alif Episode-22 Review: Qalab e Momin realizes that he is the reason for his mother’s doom

Qalab e Momin meets Sultan, he breaks all his false preception about him and Husan e Jahan's relationship

Alif Episode-22 ReviewIn this episode Qalab e Momin realizes that he is the reason for his mother's doom - OyeYeah Drama Reviews

Alif the drama serial running on Geo Entertainment is indeed a wonderful creation by the veteran writer Umaira Ahmed, she has proved herself as one of the best intellectual and writers of the present era. Alif is turning more and more fascinating as Husan e Jahan’s story unfolds. Apart from the script, the execution is also on point. Sajal Aly, Hamza Ali Abbasi, and other cast have given brilliant performances. This episode ended on a  very interesting note with an incredible performance by Hamza Ali Abbasi.

The episode begins when Momin watches the breaking news that she has been thrown out of the Alif project and Shelly is being replaced by her. Momin is shocked that who broke this news as its baseless, he thinks that Momina might have announced it but then Dawood reasons it by saying that if she would have told the news she would have said that she has left the film other than the fact that she has been replaced by someone.


Momina’s friend for the very first time asks her for any favor. She is the one who always stood by Momina at her hard times, she is always been her biggest support. Her friend asks Momina not to leave Momin’s project as Dawood’s whole career is attached to him. Momina cannot say no to her dear friend and she joins the cast again. Momina also recommends a few suggestions in the script which makes Momin confused.


Momin along with few white roses goes at Momina’s house where Momina’s mother welcomes him very generously and they get along very well. Momina comes back and she sees her mother happily singing an old song to Momin and Momin appreciating and recording it, this makes Momina very happy, all her anger has vanished. She forgives him and they are in mood till Sultan arrives and Momin recognizes him.


Sultan introduces Qalab e Momin to her wife and Momina’s mother’s expression changes at all. Momin is shocked to see the reverence in her eyes for Husan e Jahan, she is compassionately caressing Momin’s shoulders and lovingly repeating Husan e Jahan and his name. Momin is shocked to see that Sultan’s wife has no negative feelings or jealousy for Husan e Jahan.

Momin blames Sultan for breaking his house but then Sultan opens his eyes by saying that he himself is the reason for his parents’ separation as it was his needs for which Husan e Jahan has to sell her portraits. There is a sudden realization to Qalab e Momin, for he is perceiving her mother wrong all the time and that it is him who is the reason behind his mother’s downfall, not Sultan. Momina is worried for Momin she tells her father has done wrong with Momin by telling him all the truth, but Sultan says that he cannot let Momin think bad about Husan e Jahan anymore.

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