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Alif Episode-4 Review: Qalab-e-Momin ‘s past memories are now disturbing him

The drama serial Alif is all about the man’s spiritual relationship with the divine. The story revolves around the lives of two main characters Qalab e Momin and Momina. The drama serial is based on the novel with the same title penned down by the veteran writer Umera Ahmed. Hamza Ali Abbasi and Sajal Aly are for the first time sharing the screen in the play.

Qalab e Momin’s grandfather is the teacher of Momina’s teacher in Calligraphy. It seems that Momin’s dada has changed his life and he is his inspiration. Qalab e Momin’s dada cried his heart out in front of him telling him that his own grandson is astray from the path of Siraat e Mistaqeem, after him, there is no one in his family who can write Allah’s name and this reality is literally eating him up. His student comforts him by saying that he will too come back on the right path as he did.


Momina goes to Lahore for the audition and she is been selected for the film, although her role is of a mute girl she has impressed the panel by her powerful expressions so she gets selected and now they are looking after her, she is accommodated in 4-star hotel. While, sadly on the other side, Momina’s brother fell critically ill, he is in great pain and Momina cannot connect with them.


Qalab e Momin finds his grandfather crying in prayer and he is praying that may Momin get on the path of Siraat e Mustaqeem. Momin asks his dada that what is Siraat e Mustaqeem? he says it is the path to success! On hearing the word success, Momin blows up like a bubble and starts showing his dada all his awards and accolades, then he starts listing with all what he has in his life and asks Dada what he has in his life by doing that Calligraphy? On which he says that he has nothing like what he has but he has a connection with Allah. On which Momin says this is pride he says no this is faith!


The conversation with Dada takes Momin back to his past where he recalls living with her mother in Pakistan where his mother is a dancer and then he eventually learns from his class fellows that dancers are bad women. It also reminds him of all the letters he has written to Allah and how resolute he was that if he won’t get replies then he will never pray and will do whatever he wants and will never follow His instructions. Momin shows attitude to Neha’s friend on which Neha is mad at him and she demands him that she will never talk with him if she will not keep Zulfi as his main leads in his film. Momin is shocked to learn that Neha is preferring someone else over their relationship.

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