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Alif Episode-5 Review: Momina lost her brother

Momin is still reflecting on what his Dada said to him

Alif Episode-5 Review - Momina lost her Brother

Alif the thought-provoking drama serial penned down by the veteran writer Umaira Ahmed has become one of the most favorite drama serials,  for which we will wait for the whole week. The play revolves around two main characters Momin and Momina, played by Hamza Ali Abbasi and Sajal Aly. For the first time, Hamza Ali Abbasi and Sajal Aly are coming together as an onscreen couple and their onscreen chemistry looks amazingly awesome.

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Momina is very happy as she is getting the biggest breakthrough of her life, she is selected for a Hollywood film but she is worried that why her family is not picking up her call. Well, actually her brother is critically ill and her family does not want to disturb her as she is very sensitive about her brother so they are afraid that she will leave this opportunity and will come back. So they hide the news of her brother’s condition from her. She signs the contract of 11 Lacs Rupees and gets 1 lac advance cheque.


Momin’s dada has gone back to Turkey without even meeting him and Momin is fearing that he might get angry as he said to him that he is disturbing him so go back to Turkey but he did not mean that. He is reflecting on all the conversations he had with his Dada and it is still disturbing him. He calls his dada he says that he is not angry, Momin says that he cannot change himself or his profession because he says so on which his Dada says but Allah can change leaving Momin speechless and disturbed.


Momina returns back to her city in a very cheerful mood, her friends come to pick her she has sensed that something is wrong as her friend’s faces were dead serious they tell her that they are taking her to the hospital as her brother is in serious condition but Momina gets the shock of her life when they bring her in front of the Morgue room. Hospital is asking for 3 lacs otherwise they will not giving to give them her bother’s body. She has one lac cheque, her friends are also contributing and they are also asking others. Momina calls his casting agent but he refuses to help her at such an initial stage. Anyways money is collected from various sources and her brother’s funeral takes place.


Momin loves Neha but Neha is not loyal to him, she is using him. Neha is kind of a girl with no moral character as her loyalty is not attached to one person. She is expressing her love to her current boyfriend Zulfi saying that she loves him so much and when Zulfi says that she will marry her once he will become a star she says marriage does not matter love does. While on the other hand, she is also expressing love to Momin using endearing words for him. It seems like Momin is going to get badly hurt by this girl. Well, apparently it seems that Momin is fulfilling her demand and he is going to cast Neha’s boyfriend in his upcoming flick but for that, we have to wait for the next episode.


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